what is seo

What is SEO? Why is it important? I’ll tell you. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the backbone of a website. Without SEO, your website may not be found, by potential customers. People are looking for your products and services! Coming up high in search engine results is the best way for those potential customers to find you.

How do you integrate SEO into your website?

There are tons of ways to do SEO for your website. For the purposes of this article, I will outline a few of the best practices used by the biggest search engine, Google. Over 67% of the Internet’s users use Google when the search the Internet. I feel like that number may even be closer to 75%.

Keywords and descriptions should be added to your website’s HTML code. In the head tag you can add your keywords and description. This means that when Google, or other search engines, crawl your site they know what the website is about. Other ways to maximize this technique is the add ALT tags to all images.

Without great content your keywords and descriptions may suffer. Google and other search engines are getting smarter. Search engines want to provide the person searching with relevant content. Simply adding your keywords repeatedly will not work. They may actually cause a penalty in Google’s search algorithm. Great written content will help your site come up higher in search results.

Google loves WordPress. If you are looking for a platform to build your website with, you should think long and hard about WordPress. The way WordPress names your pages is intuitive and easy for Google to crawl. Also with WordPress, you can break pages and Blog posts into categories that further give your website-organized content. You can step up you SEO tactics further with popular SEO plugins like Yoast.

Link Building
Although there are debates about how important Link Building still is, it is. Link Building is when a link to your website is on another website that Google has deemed a reputable site. Examples include Yelp, Yahoo Business Listings and more. Companies like Yext are able to register your website for a fee with dozens and dozens of sites. While these are important, there is chatter that says these are less important as they were a few years ago.

This could be combined with Content, but there is a slight difference. Google wants your website to be the best website it can be. In return, they will reward you with higher rankings. When I talk about density, I mean that each page should have about 250 words on it and it should talk about a product, service or something industry related. When Google crawls your website, they want to see something that is not only complete, but also flourishing. Their job is to bring people relevant websites. It is your job to provide a relevant website.

Updating your website is another important ranking signal. An updated website means that you care about your website and your business. In return, Google understands that you are trying to provide people with updated and fresh content. An easy way to achieve this is a Blog. Blogging has become tremendously popular these days and almost every major company has one. They use it to talk about products, display testimonials or talk about industry related things. To Google this is GOLD! This means that you are what you preach. You are updating your website, you are providing content, and you are making a huge effort to be known.

In the end, following my simple recommendations can cause your SEO to rise. Just like everything else, it takes work and effort. Writing good copy is important and posting updates and Blogs regularly are important.
Google rewards people that play nice. If your company plays nice and follows a laid out road map you will see amazing results.