A professional looking website is one of the most important tools for any business. There are many reasons why you should have a new website or get your existing one updated. Here are 5 huge reasons you should have a website or update an antiquated one.

Responsive Design

Having a responsive website is a must. Google has said that they rank mobile friendly websites over one’s that are not mobile friendly. Not having a mobile friendly website can cost you revenue. Responsive websites “respond” to screen size. That means you’ll have a consistent look across any device.


A company with no website or an outdated website loses credibility with potential customers. Over 86% of people are researching online before purchases. If your website is not existent or has outdated information, you may be losing a sale. Offering a fresh design with amazing content, and updating that content can be the determining factor and get you more sales.


A normal business day is Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. When you’re business is closed your website is the only place people can learn about you. Having your products and services displayed and outlined allows your website to work as a showroom when your actual showroom is closed.

Sales Tool

By filling your website with tons of content, you will create an online salesperson. People can learn about your products and services on their own time and know exactly what they want when they come in or call. Salespeople can be effective, but people want information now and they want it on their own time. Giving people knowledge of your product or service will make the sale

Your Brand

In today’s world, your website is your brand. In most cases someone will see your website first. How are you currently making that first impression? First impressions are very important. People are trying to find you. When they do, make sure that that end their search with you.

Websites are very important to any business. A great website will offer you a place where your customers can learn about your products and services at their own pace. Your website is your own spot on the web. Open 24/7 for everyone trying to find you.