The Most Important Web Design Tip For 2016

The most important web design tip for 2016 is something that we have been chanting since early 2015 (and before if, you are smart). Responsive or mobile friendly web design. I know big shocker right. Let us quickly recap a few other big techniques for 2016 and good SEO in general and then I will get back to why I am telling you about Mobile Friendly sites in 2016.

Posting to Social Media

The most important trick to posting to Social Media is writing great content and posting on a consistent basis. What you may not be aware of is that Google makes small changes to their algorithm often. One of those updates is rumored to negatively affect Blogs that are 250-500 words. In the past Online Marketers have been told that, Google likes Blogs that are in that word count sweet spot. Well not anymore. Google is looking to make Blogs that have well written information rank higher. As a result, Blogs now will require 1,200 to 1,500 words to gain positive ranking signals from the Internet Giant. So remember to create longer articles and pack them full of great content in the upcoming year. Relevant information is what Google is after.

Great Branding

With more and more people getting online, it is important to make your company stand out from the crowd. Branding your website and social media accounts the same way and posting to them at the same time creates trust with potential customers. Websites that have poor design, stock photography, and missing contact information will push users away. Those websites will also rank poorly if they are not mobile friendly. Creating a brand that is fresh, clear and uniform will show customers that you are to be trusted.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback will be crucial in 2016. With bigger companies following up and gathering testimonials from their customers, smaller businesses must follow suit to keep up and compete. Using websites like Survey Monkey will become increasingly more popular. By gathering information, companies can create better experiences for their customers. This in turn will keep users happy and notify the company if something is making them unhappy.

Instant Social Media 

Creating content on Periscope and/or Snapchat will be more popular in 2016. Services like these allow companies to instantly connect with users in real time. Using this to give out coupon codes or a message of the day will help businesses keep close contact with their user base. Imagine releasing a Periscope video and giving out a coupon code to lucky users that are following. This type of engagement will give the users a closer connection and result in a better conversion if done properly. Users want a personalized experience in 2016.

Advertising on Instagram

Something that is brand new (sort of) and very likely to get even bigger in 2016 is advertising (Through Facebook Ads Manager) on Instagram! Instagram has been gaining popularity with no stop since it debuted. After Facebook purchased Instagram, they implemented a way to make money. Ads. Now its as easy as creating an ad in the Ads Manager and setting it up for Instagram. This technology will be huge for people to gain exposure and advertise products by posting high quality picture ads.

Now let us get back to why I’m still talking about mobile friendly websites being the most important tip for 2016.


People Who Research Online


Estimated Mobile Search Market Share 2016


Small Businesses with No Website

These numbers don’t lie. They tell an amazing story of how the Internet is more important than ever, especially with regards to how and on what device people are searching the Internet. Since the Spring of 2015 it has been imperative that websites be mobile friendly, but why I call mobile friendly websites the most important tip for 2016 is because ALL web design companies should NOT call this a special feature or charge more to implement a Responsive design. What does that mean? It means that Web Design companies should no longer design websites that are not mobile friendly. This isn’t an extra option or feature anymore. This is design. Period. Web Design companies in 2016 should be honest and transparent and stop designing websites that will have negative search rank results. Am i right? am I off base? Let me know in the comments below.